En Provence Mystery BOM

Bonnie Hunter’s 2016 BOM

I decided to try this BOM, it sounded so interesting and colorful so I jumped in with both feet, knowing I could not compete with those that began theirs going right away. So finally when I had all my fabric, I began with the Steps given. We chose our fabrics from these paint chips. I am sure Lowe’s wondered why they kept disappearing!


Step 1

Oh now this was a challenge, 221-4 Patch Blocks measuring 3.5″ squared. These were to be made with neutrals, light and dark. Well I cut strips and began piecing (when I could find time to sew. I’m retired and so busy with nothing it’s hard to sew as much as I would like. My hubby is also retired and doesn’t drive so I am the Chauffeur when we need to go anywhere.) Finally, I did get all those 4 Patch Blocks finished. And on to the next step.


Step 2

I actually completed Step 2 before completing Step 1!  These were neutral centers with our main Magenta fabric on the outside of the Tri-Rec Blocks. We only needed 100 of these blocks and you’re right if you guessed 3.5″ squares!


Step 3

Okay so far so good! I’m feeling better about this. Everyone else seems to be posting their finished quilts but I’m still a happy quilter sewing at my pace…snail that is!

Now we are back to 4 Patch blocks at 3.5″ square but these are going to be so pretty. They will be dark purple and light purple. I’m cutting my strips right now so I’ll be back to post my completed blocks!

Until then!

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